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Follow-Up Fueled Growth: Transform Your Business with Our 5 Core Systems

We use our 5 Core Follow Up Systems to automatically detect where every lead in your business is so that you know exactly who to follow up with, why, and when! We then customize those follow ups to your business and automate them so that you can scale faster with less effort!

Why Most Follow Up Falls Short

How We Get Systems in Place For You

5 Core Follow Up Systems Foundation

Why You Need A Follow Up System

We feel so strongly about making sure you have the 5 Core Follow Up Systems in Place we want you to have a copy.

We have a plan for your follow up. Do you?

Our plan is the 90 Days to Traction Program specifically designed to get the 5 Core Follow Up Systems in place and working for you FAST!

5 Core Follow Up Systems - The Foundation of Your Systems

The 5 Core Follow Up Systems form the foundation of an effective follow-up strategy due to their comprehensive coverage of the entire customer journey. Here's why they are foundational, along with brief explanations of each:

New Lead Nurture:

Importance: Captures and maintains the interest of potential clients at the earliest stage, crucial for first impressions and initial engagement. Purpose: This system initiates contact within 10 minutes of lead generation, involving 10-15 touchpoints over 21 days, aiming to schedule a call or meeting.

Pre-Appointment Nurture:

Importance: Ensures that potential clients are adequately informed and engaged before the first formal interaction, setting the stage for a successful appointment.

Purpose: Focuses on preparing leads for their first appointment, providing relevant information, and building rapport to encourage their attendance and engagement.

Post-Appointment Nurture:

Importance: Critical for maintaining momentum post-appointment, guiding leads towards the next step in their journey.

Purpose: Aims to keep leads engaged and on track for the next Key Performance Indicator (KPI), often involving moving from awareness to taking action.

Post-Purchase Nurture:

Importance: Essential for customer satisfaction and retention, and for turning new customers into long-term clients.

Purpose: Ensures customers have a positive experience post-purchase, addressing any issues and reaffirming their decision, thus guiding them to fully realize the value of their purchase (KPI 3).

Long-Term Nurture:

Importance: Key to building lasting relationships and generating repeat business and referrals.

Purpose: Keeps former and current clients connected to the business over the long term, providing updates, helpful information, and incentives to do business again.

These systems are foundational because they address every critical phase of the customer lifecycle, from initial contact to long-term engagement. Implementing these systems ensures that no potential or existing client is overlooked and that each is guided effectively through their journey, thereby maximizing conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and business growth.

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Why most follow up falls short.

1) Lack of Awareness: Many individuals and businesses are not fully aware of the importance of effective follow-up. They often underestimate how critical follow-up is in converting leads into clients and sustaining customer relationships.

2) Inconsistent Follow-Up Practices: Without a structured system, follow-up efforts tend to be sporadic and inconsistent. This inconsistency leads to missed opportunities and potential clients falling through the cracks.

3) Inefficient Time Management: Without a streamlined follow-up system, a significant amount of time can be spent on unproductive or repetitive tasks. This inefficiency affects overall productivity and business growth.

4) Limited Understanding of Lead Categories: Many fail to recognize and appropriately categorize leads (Problem Unaware, Problem Aware, Gathering Info, Buying Now). This lack of understanding results in generic follow-up strategies that are not as effective.

5) Poorly Defined KPIs: Key Performance Indicators related to follow-up (awareness, action, value experience) are often not clearly defined, making it difficult to measure the effectiveness of follow-up efforts and identify areas for improvement.

6) Inadequate Systems for Different Stages: There's often a lack of specialized follow-up systems for different stages of the customer journey (New Lead Nurture, Pre-Appointment Nurture, Post-Appointment Nurture, Post-Purchase Nurture, Long-Term Nurture), leading to a one-size-fits-all approach that is less effective.

7) Neglecting Long-Term Relationship Building: Many do not prioritize nurturing long-term relationships with clients, focusing instead only on immediate sales, which limits potential for future business and referrals.

When Looking To Solve Follow Up?

Know the 4 Levels Of Technology in Sales Before You Make Your Decision

  • Level 1: Owned By Someone Else

  • Level 2: You Now Own - CRM

  • Level 3: Multiple Systems In Play

  • Level 4: Fully Integrated Systems

Why You Need A System For Follow Up

1) Automated Efficiency: Technology enables automation of repetitive tasks in the follow-up process, saving time and reducing human error, leading to more efficient operations.

2) Enhanced Lead Conversion with Tech Tools: Leveraging technology like CRM systems ensures timely and accurate follow-up, significantly improving the chances of converting leads into customers.

3) Consistent Communication: Technology ensures consistent follow-up across all platforms and team members, providing a uniform experience to clients.

4) Personalized Interactions through Data Analysis: Advanced tech tools can analyze lead data, enabling more personalized and effective communication tailored to individual client needs.

5) Accurate Tracking and Analytics: Technology offers sophisticated tracking and analytics capabilities, allowing businesses to measure the effectiveness of their follow-up strategies and make data-driven decisions.

6) Building and Nurturing Relationships: Automated systems can help in regularly touching base with clients, nurturing long-term relationships through personalized, relevant content.

7) Preventing Lead Loss: Technology helps in effectively managing and nurturing leads, ensuring minimal leakage in the sales funnel.

8) Scalability through Tech Integration: As businesses grow, technology can adapt to handle increased lead volumes and complex follow-up sequences, aiding scalability.

9) Improved Client Experience: Automated and timely follow-ups, facilitated by technology, enhance the overall client experience, leading to greater satisfaction.

10) Direct Impact on Revenue: By improving lead conversion rates, building client relationships, and ensuring operational efficiency, technology-driven follow-up systems directly contribute to revenue growth.

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Jonathan Pecora

After coaching with other companies that fell flat, this has restored my faith. I now understand this is what coaching should look like. I have more clarity in my business than ever before

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The bad part about this system is it works, and now I have no more excuses in my business!! In the first few days I picked up more clients, and did more business, than I did in the previous month and I felt like I was hardly even working!

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Follow Up Speed is the system that solves problems you didn't know you had! It makes follow up a breeze - nothing you have to think about. Creating systems has never been so easy. It's easy to learn, fast to implement, the support is amazing!

Dan Fortin

Your system helped me work through an old lead list over 1000 people. In less than 24 hours I was able to identify over 60 people that wanted to sell, an approved buyer and a listing! That business was just sitting there in my database ad I didn't know it.

Follow-Up Fueled Growth: Transform Your Business with Our 5 Core Follow Up Systems

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