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The Follow Up Speed Systems were designed by a business coach with thousands of hours of coaching with real estate professionals like you. The #1 Challenge for almost every one of them was their follow up systems. Our goal is to solve this challenge once and for all. Following up with your business is our business.

Sick of Following Up to Follow Up?

How many times have you sent someone "More information" only to have to follow up to see if they looked at it, to send them more information, slowing things down by days, weeks and beyond? The system will automatically record everything they've looked at and remind them to review the information if they haven't seen it yet. It can also automatically get them more information if they want.

Lead Forget to Reschedule With You?

You get a lead, it seems like a good one, they schedule with you right away, and then it happens - they need to reschedule. You follow up once and they ghost you. then it's a week and you communicate some, and then they're gone. It happens time and again. Setup a "Ghost Protocol" system to automatically follow up with that lead until they do reschedule. That same system will also automatically put them in your Long Term Campaign. See next ...

Keep Putting Off Your Long Term Campaign?

You know there are people to add into your database and you keep forgetting to, or keep putting it off. Maybe you started a monthly newsletter and never got it finished to send? Our campaigns and systems are set up to automatically add people to your long term nurture system no matter how they come into your system. What would your business look like if every lead you ever had was hearing from you 12-24 times a year?

Our Goal is to put more LIFE back in your LIFEstyle.

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